a generous gin.

Flacon Generous Gin

"So much more than a gin"

Imagine a Gin...

As noble as a perfect tree
As fresh as a perfect fruit
As rich as a perfect harvest
Generous is not just a gin
It is the Quintessence of the art of distillation.

Generous Gin Tube

Generous & Gracious

Imagine a Gin...

In a sensual white silky Glass bottle
Adorned with fine design patterns
As elegant as the gin itself

Generous Gin

Generous & Unique

Imagine a Gin...

…like a perfect garden or an dream grove
Rich of multiple essences: Citrus, pink
berries, blood oranges,grey pepper,
elderberries, lime, juniper…

Generous is like the essence of a perfect tree
which would offer all the best aromas on earth.

All the ingredients of our gin are natural.
Some are obtained by maceration, others by
distillations in a unique and complex process.
Generous is elaborated and bottled in
France, near the city of Cognac.

Cocktail Generous Gin

Generous & Flavoursome

Imagine a Gin...

…as smooth as the silky glass of its bottle

A very fresh start on the nose. And then a
generous bouquet of flavours where citrus
aromas are in perfect harmony with spicy
notes, floral accents and a crisp presence of
berries and juniper.

Availability : July 2015

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